All The Information You Need To Create Radio Quality Music From Your Home

"From The Basement to Billboard" was created to show home studio engineers how to achieve professional sounding mixes from their basement or bedroom. Take your mixes to the next level and finally learn the secretes that the "professionals" aren't teaching us!

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From the Basement to Billboard - Creating Radio Quality Music From Your Home

This Course was specifically designed to show you how to create a professional sounding song from your home by walking you through the entire production process of a radio quality song. This includes tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Because we are working out of our homes and working with amateur musicians, the tips and techniques layed out by "professionals" do not always get us the same results that they are getting. When recording and mixing from our homes we often need to go above and beyond what other mix professionals are doing.

Learn the secrets behind the science of mixing from your home and finally make your songs sound the way you know they should.

51 Video Lessons

Watch the entire production process and learn what it takes to take a home recording and turn it into something that could be played on the radio. Learn how to properly record, mix, and master your home recordings


Download all the tracks to mix yourself along with all the drum samples used in these songs. Also watch the bonus lesson on the proper way to add samples to your own home recorded mixes.

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