When we record drums in a home studio we are left with boring and often left with poor sounding drum kits. This is due to the rooms we record in, the cheap drum kits we usually are recording, and the drummers we record. But this doesn't mean we can't end up with great sounding drums after the mix!

Drums are probably my favorite instrument to mix because this is where most of the energy and excitement in our songs comes from.

  • Do your drums often sound lack luster?
  • Do they sound like they were recorded in a small room?
  • Are your drums not big enough? and do they not provide the punch you need in your songs?

If you are having these issues don't worry... I went through these struggles for years. But after 15 years of mixing I have learned all the techniques for making home recorded drums sound like they were recorded in a big studio.

I have made a few free tutorials on drums to get you started. I expand in my courses on all these techniques. But these mixing tricks should be enough to get you started so that you can start improving your drum sound.

Editing Your Drums In Logic Pro X : Editing your drums in Logic can be a pain! But I do have a workaround for you if you are having issues with flex time. Make sure to check my channel or additional drum editing videos! I have a few....

Getting Your Snare To Punch With Just One Plugin : EQ is a huge part of your snare sound. But people often forget about saturation and drive. Check out this tip to add more dirt to your snare sound.

Getting Your Kick Drum and Bass Guitar To Play Nice In Your Mix : This is often an area where people spend too much time. Check out how easy this should be for you.

EQing Your Top and Bottom Snare Mics : This is a 3 parter! Learn how to EQ these instruments so they sound like the snares on your favorite records.