Masters of Home Recording

Learn how to create music from your home that matches up to your favorite bands and artists. Finally understand how to record and mix music that meets today's standards by learning from an engineer that was once in your position.

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Master the Basics

Learn all the essentials to home recording so that you can grow as an engineer. Finally learn how to use EQ and compression correctly so that your music can sound as professional as your favorite band's and artist's songs.

Advance Your Skills

Learn the techniques that the "big guys" aren't showing you. See how actual home recorded songs are turned into radio ready mixes by peaking behind the curtain and learning from an engineer with 15 years experience.

Be a Professional

Become a master of home recording by learning from a professional that also works from his home. Watch real world mix walkthroughs so that you can take your home recorded tracks, and turn them into professional mixes.

About this membership...

Masters of Home Recording is The Home Recording Network's all inclusive membership. With this all access pass you will receive all courses and lessons made by The Home Recording Network.

Masters of Home Recording includes everything from the basics, to the advanced techniques that are essential for creating professional quality music. This includes courses on specific techniques such as compression and equalization, as well as real world mix walkthroughs and deconstructions. Over 100 video lessons included and added to monthly!

New content is dictated by students so that you can get the most out of your own music. Lessons can include member source tracks so that they can see the proper way to EQ and compress their own tracks.

Included Courses..

- Home Recording Basics - Learn the basics of home recording that are essential for growth as an engineer.

- From the Basement to the Billboard - Taking sketchy home recorded tracks and turning them into a radio ready mix.

- Mastering Equalization - Learn how to EQ specific instruments correctly.

- Demystifying Compression - Learn how to compress your instruments correctly.

- Digital Production Made Easy - Real time course showing you how to make realistic music with virtual elements.

- Mixing with Stock Logic Plugins - Real time mixing course showing you how to make professional music with stock plugins.

- Inside the Mix - Full mix deconstructions that take you inside actual home recorded songs.

- Mixing In Real Time - Watch songs get mixed from start to finish in real time.

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Get your 14 day free trial so that you can "try it before you buy it". Cram in all the lessons you can and improve your mixing skills without spending a dime for the first 14 days.

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Stop Learning From the "Big Guys" and Start Learning from Someone Who Can Actually Help You

If you have ever watched a mixing tutorial from a well known engineer, you may have noticed something... Their starting tracks sound better than your final mixes!

When we are recording and making music in our homes we often don't have the best starting points. Us home studio engineers don't have the luxury of tracking through pristine preamps, EQ's and compressors. We can't afford it! So obviously we are going to be at a major disadvantage. Not only that... This means that we can't use the same techniques as the "big guys" and expect the same result. 

With this membership you will be shown how to make actual home recorded tracks sound professional and polished. Learn how to dig deep and make the aggressive moves that are needed to turn home recordings into radio ready songs.

Get a professional home studio engineer as your mixing coach, ask questions, and get answers that will actually get you to a new level of mixing.

Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Improve your mixing skills today by learning the secrets to making professional sounding music from your home. Take the next step in your mixing career and start learning from someone who went through the same struggles as you.

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