3 Frequency Areas to Boost on Vocals

My last post showed you the 4 areas where we should be cutting our vocals. But now it is time to talk about where we need to be boosting!

Last blog post here: https://www.homerecordingnetwork.com/blog/four-trouble-frequency-areas-in-the-voice


A boost in these 3 areas will get you that upfront and clear sound that we hear on all of our favorite bands records. Check it out below...



Low end is important for the vocals in our song. A lacking in this area can have our singer sounding thin.

If your singer is lacking low end or "bottom", 200Hz is the area we need to be boosting.

This is where the low end of the male voice usually hides.

A boost here will have your vocal sounding nice and thick. And this is important for today's music.



Anywhere from 2-2.5K is the "aggressive" sound to the voice. And I mean aggressive in a good way...

A boost in this area will help your singer be understood. And in music today, it is important that our listeners can understand all of our singers words.

This area is the "consonant" area of the voice. If your singer needs to be more upfront, a boost here is a good idea.


12K Shelf

Above 12K we can hear all of the "air" to our singers voice. This is by far the most pleasing sounding area of a vocal.

A boost here will add excitement to our vocal and help our singer to sit on the top of the mix where he or she belongs.


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