When we record vocals in a home studio its not unusual to be working with an amateur vocalist or recording in a poor sounding room.

Vocals are by far the most important part of our songs, if theres anything we strive to perfect more than anything it is vocals.

  • Is finding balance in your vocals a trouble spot for you?
  • Do you have trouble sitting them properly on top of your mix?
  • Are you unable to match the energy that you hear from singers on the radio? 

If these are just some of the struggles you might be having let me guide you! Early in my career information like this wasn't so readily accessible so I want to save you from some of the struggles I had to go through! I've made it my mission to share as much information as I possibly can with other audio engineers, such as yourself, that are looking to improve the quality of their home studio recordings.

I've been able to film a few videos to help get you started on this journey and to give you an inside look at some of the information I expand on in my course! I love being able to share my knowledge with others so check out the guides I have below for you!

Stock Plugin Vocal Chain : If you are just starting out with stock plugins, this video will show you the order your chain should be in. Although I am using logic in this video, you should be able to replicate this in whatever DAW you are using.

Getting Upfront Vocals : If you are struggling to get your singer "heard" and on top of the mix, check out this parallel technique you can use to remedy the situation. And if you want to see how to do this with Logic stock plugins, check this video out.

Vocal Compression Made Easy : Compression is one of the most important tools we have in our mix. So it makes sense that we need to apply this to our vocals properly. This video should help you out if you are struggling with this tool.

Typical Areas To Boost Your Vocals : What are the key frequency areas to boost your vocals? Check out this video to find out.

Mixing R&B Vocals : Here I show you how I typically mix vocals! I've also added in some great information on effects to add excitement to your own mixes and vocal tracks! 

A Typical Home Studio Vocal Chain : What should your vocal plugin chain look like? Take a look and learn how your chain should be set up.

4 Tips for a Controlled Vocal Mix : Consistency for vocals is key for creating that radio quality music! This video shows you some key points to get your vocal mix on point!